[Matrix] server has arrived to @yunohost ( 🙏 thanks **tituspijean**)

server much lighter than

Dendrite is beta software

@ghose @yunohost

Currently #Dendrite is labeled as bad quality in the Yunohost App list. Will this change?

@askans @ghose Yeah it reached level 7 only 2 days ago, the bump to good quality will happen next friday~saturday

I mean it's already flagged as good quality on our CI, just not on the catalog

@ghose @yunohost thx for the info!

Will it come with an own Admin UI?

@askans @ghose @yunohost Nope, that's not included in the upstream software.

And note that Dendrite is functional, but not feature-complete. I have just discovered search is not included yet. 😅

@yunohost @askans @ghose Is the conversion tool to migrate a synapse installation to dendrite ready?

@ghose @yunohost Do you know what is the compatibility status (feature wise ?) with Synapse ?
Any existing migration tool ?

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